About Us

We started LulaCBD because, through our love of the newly legalized CBD products on the market, we discovered newer cannabinoids just like CBD, such as THCV, CBDV, and CBG to name a few, that are even BETTER than CBD! We knew these new cannabinoids just hitting the legal recreational market would one day change the world from the first moment we tried them. These cannabinoids were legalized along with hemp and CBD in 2018, but are only just being created in mass quantities and being sold to consumers! 

We're 100% above board with all of our licensing and certifications to sell hemp extracts.Your transaction to purchase our products is 100% legal if you're over 21! We'll include a certificate of analysis in the box that you can show to any law enforcement to let them know what you're smoking is recreationally allowed, without a medical card.

Our mission is to spread the word, in our own opinion, of the healing properties of these new, legalized cannabinoids and make it accessible to as many people as we can! That means providing top of the line products, customer service, and the best pricing that we're allowed to by the manufacturers.

We care more about helping others more than making a quick buck here at Lula. When you shop here, we treat you like family, and give you the respect a family member would deserve! We want to help you as much as we possibly can.

We only offer the absolute BEST products on the market! We personally research, vet, and thoroughly background check every company we work with. We also stay up to date on all the latest reviews to make sure that we're only bringing the best products to our customers.

Why choose us? We vet and stock all the products straight from the manufacturers and provide a one stop shop for you to try all the latest and best brands of new cannabinoids, without having to order from multiple, different, potentially "sketchy" companies! We're reliable, trustworthy, and 100% transparent in the interest of serving the community! j

Here at Lula, our mission is to make sure you're always happy, and to take the stress of researching and blindly trusting companies in order to get the best new cannabinoids on the market! 

We do weekly research on new products, and are always finding out more about this wild west. We'll keep you up to date on everything you need to know, and you can try different brands all while getting rewards!

We have a rewards system that rewards your loyalty! Not only will you be getting the best deals on the net, you'll also be racking up reward points for free deals and swag, all while trying the most talked about brands on the market! 

Your privacy is our #1 priority. We never share your data or do anything with it besides use it to get what you need from us. 

We curate all the best products and source them correctly to take all the guess work out of your hands, and provide a fun community of like minded individuals who all love these new cannabinoids!


1. Take care of the customer in any way possible. 

2. Only offer the best items on the market.

3. Bring the best quality items at the most reasonable costs, with the best customer service. 

We believe good ethics are good business. Come and shop with Lula. The only thing you'll regret is not signing up sooner.